John Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire returns this week to talk about one of the most controversial topics we’ve covered: Sponsorships. John really pulls back the curtain on his approach to sponsorships, including how he has been usingthem as the main way to monetize his podcast.

This episode is full of some seriously eye-opening information on how proper sponsorships can benefit everyone involved, and what you can do to make them a reality. You’ll get a brief taste of that insight below.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • At what point do companies start approaching you for sponsorships?
  • The industry standards for podcast sponsorships and what you should be asking for
  • Some of the sweet perks of building relationships with sponsors
  • How to determine whether a sponsorship is right for you


In the comments below:

What are your thoughts and sponsorships, and have you ever considered them for YOUR show?  


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Power Concepts:

[Tweet “It always just comes down to…how big is your audience?  – @JohnDumas”]

[Tweet “I always look to bring on sponsors that will add value  – @JohnDumas”]

[Tweet “My main job as the podcast host is to make sure my sponsors get as much benefit as possible  – @JohnDumas”]



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