Podcast Power Launch – A Professional Quality Podcast in 4 Weeks

A Powerful Podcast for Your Online Authority

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We Design, Build and Launch a Podcast For You

and Provide One-on-One Coaching For Your Long-Term Success



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What Will A Podcast Do For Your Brand?

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We work with you to strategically design, build and launch a podcast that gets you:


Audience Growth

Expose your brand to a whole new crowd of potential customers

Customer Pipeline

Drive hot, educated leads straight to your sales funnel

Powerful Networking

Build personal relationships with industry leaders

Rapid Authority

Quickly become a knowledge leader in your market

Streamlined Content

Easily generate engaging, powerful and timeless content

Deep Connections

Turn fans into lifelong brand ambassadors and customers

“Starting a podcast has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my brand. Ever.” Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income Podcast


Our 4 Week Podcast Launch Program

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How It Works




Week #1 – Strategy

We’ll have an Initial Strategy Call to discuss:

  • Your business, the value you offer to listeners and your core marketing message
  • Your podcast, how it will fit into your marketing and your main objectives in podcasting
  • The format and components of the optimal podcast to achieve your goals like artwork, intros & outros, etc

We’ll also provide personal coaching for things like:

  • What equipment will best suit you
  • How to organize your content ideas
  • Methods for getting on your industry leaders’ radars

After the Initial Call, we’ll get to work crafting all the components for your show. We’ll build the intro and outro scripts, arrange professional voice talent and music, craft your show’s artwork and ensure every piece is aligned with your central message and overall goals.

Your Time Involved: 2-3 hours


Week #2 – Sound Like A Pro

We’ll send you the completed elements of your show to review. If you have any edits, we’ll take care of it.

Then we’ll give you checklists, ripsheets, outlines and personal coaching to prepare you for recording your first episode.

We’ll walk you through questions every beginning podcaster needs to know:

  • How to generate content that gets listeners jumping to review and share
  • How to contact experts in your market and get them excited to come on your show
  • How to set up the optimal home or office recording studio for crystal clear audio
  • How to be an entertaining and informative show host that radiates personality
  • Much much more. When you have questions, we’ve got answers and will jump to help you

You record the content for your inaugural podcast episode!

Your Time Involved: 3-4 hours

Authority Engine handled all the technical, time consuming stuff that made me hesitate to set up the podcast myself. Best of all, they were super responsive and reliable which is a huge deal for me.” Andrew Youderian, eCommerceFuel

Week #3 – Your First Episode

We edit and produce your first complete podcast episode, and get you all set up with:

  • A page on your WordPress website specifically for your podcast
  • Your first episode’s show notes written up and linked out to people & resources in the episode
  • Podcast RSS feed creation and media player integration that looks great
  • Best practices for encouraging Ratings, Reviews, Subscribers and social media Shares
  • Podcast media hosting that tracks your download statistics

Now that everything’s ready to go, we’ll have a quick call to discuss:

  • Launch strategy and how we’ll get your show into iTunes New & Noteworthy
  • How we can promote your show from day 1 using your audience and leveraging others’ audiences
  • Feedback from your first episode on audio quality, hosting style, interviewing and much more.

Your Time Involved: 1 hour


Week #4 – Launch Time Baby!

We submit your podcast to iTunes, Zune, Stitcher and other podcast directories and execute on your launch strategy to ensure your podcast makes a splash. We work on promoting your show throughout the week and track statistics progress all the way.

At the end of the week, we’ll have a quick call to:

  • Review your statistics and gauge the success of the launch
  • Review listener feedback and integrate this into changes needed for the show
  • Discuss strategies moving forward for continued growth and quality improvements
  • We answer any questions you have, and give you all the support you need for success as a podcaster

Now you’re at the driver’s seat of a professional podcast, with all the tools and knowledge you need to generate incredible content that inspires listeners to take action, and cultivates a deep personal relationship.Time to ramp up your business!

Your Time Involved: 1 Hour


Why Clients Love Authority Engine

“Ben of Authority Engine produces super-premium quality podcasts that are meticulously engineered.” Taylor Pearson, Project Manager of the TMBA Podcast


Here’s What You Get



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  • Studio Quality Intro & Outro Audio

We will use professional voice talents, music, sound effects and strategy to create your audio intro and outros so they resonate with your listeners.

We will follow your vision melted with what we know works to produce beautiful audio bumpers, segment transitions and sound effects for your new show.

  • Attention Grabbing Artwork

We will take your vision and any existing logos and turn them into an beautiful podcast artwork that stands out from your competition and captures the attention of browsing listeners.

This will be the visual face of your content and is the first impression a listener will have of your podcast.

  • Podcast Setup On Your Website & Configuration

We will create a page on your WordPress website to be the publishing hub for your podcast. We’ll set it up with everything including a media player, direct download links, prompts for your listeners to share, rate and review your podcast and more.

We also create your podcast feed and configure all the settings to get your show all ready to go for the podcast directories.

  • Show Notes Writing & Formatting

We’ll also write up engaging show notes for your first podcast episode, and implement an effective layout of your show note posts including text, media player, images, links, show segments, calls-to-action and much more.

All said and done, you will have an optimal show notes setup that drives growth and raving fans to your podcast.

  • One-on-One Podcast Coaching

You’ll receive a dedicated podcast coach who will guide you through setting up podcast equipment, recording your first episode and sounding like a pro behind the mic.

Throughout the strategy, build, recording and launch phases, you’ll have direct access to your dedicated coach to help you produce the best possible show. As you have questions, or hit road blocks, we’re here to help everything go off without a hitch.

  • Insider Expertise & Proven Strategies

The techniques we employ for your podcast are tried and true to produce the results you’re looking for. From calls-to-action strategy to executing a powerful launch sequence, it’s our business to know everything there is to know about getting results with your show.

We also hook you up with checklists, email scripts and ripsheets to make difficult tasks a synch. Skip the learning curve and see results immediately.

  • Maximum Exposure in iTunes, Zune and Stitcher

Mirroring your vision, we will optimize your new podcast’s title, author name(s) and description to drive the most traffic to your show and make it easy for listeners to discover your show.

We will also submit your podcast to the most popular directories (iTunes, Zune and Stitcher) to help your podcast explode onto the scene and start with a bang.

  • Hosting & Statistics to Watch Your Podcast Grow

We will integrate statistical reporting with the media player and hosting so you can watch as your show gains followers, grows it’s listener base and spreads across the world! You’ll also be able to gauge the effectiveness of your new campaign for driving signups and sales on your website.



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As a result of the Launch A Podcast program


You Can Expect



Rapid Exposure to a Whole New Group of Potential Customers


How would your business look with a few more warm leads? People that are excited to hear from you and look forward to the release of your next product or service?


Here’s a simple example: Say you run a $19 a month membership site. If you get just 2 signups per month equals an extra $2,964 dollars in just the first year!


Let’s say you offer consulting and a typical session brings you $500. If you only brought in 1 signup per month that’s still an extra $6,000 a year.


What are a few new customers worth to you?



Immediate Boost of Authority In Your Market Space


When people think of your industry, does your name or brand pop into their head? Do you want it to?


Hosting a podcast is one of the fastest, most effective methods for generating brand awareness, and producing regular content keeps you top of mind for your prospects.


This is the power of podcasting.


Personal Relationships with the Leaders in Your Industry


Who is the absolute top expert in your field?


How would it feel to simply pick up the phone and ask them all the most important questions you’re just dying to know?


You could pick their brains for all their most successful tips, tricks and strategies? What kind of opportunities could being on a first name basis with that person bring?


Not exactly a far cry when you host a podcast. It’s actually much easier than you think and I’ll tell you exactly how to get them excited to come on your show.


Lifelong Fans That are Excited to Become Repeat Customers and Brand Ambassadors


Not only will your listeners be excited to pay for your products and services, but they’ll actively refer friends and co-workers to your show since you were so helpful for them.


Think back to how you’ve discovered your favorite podcasts; Did a friend tell you to check it out? Most likely.


How much is a referral worth for your business?


“Ben has been a magic bullet in allowing me to take my podcast production to the next level.” Jesse Lawler, Smart Drug Smarts


Let’s Get Started



The 4 Week Launch A Podcast Program

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In this program, we strategically design, build and launch a podcast for you and provide one-on-one coaching to ensure your podcast excels.


  • A Podcast Strategy & Planning Consultation

On the call we flesh out your aspirations with podcasting, and mix in our proven techniques for building highly effective, even contagious podcasts. The result is a bulletproof blueprint of your soon-to-be podcast.

  • Artfully Crafted Audio Bumpers, Artwork & Completed First Episode

Based on our consultation, we carve out your show elements to grab both eyes and ears. Then comes the assembly of all these pieces into your very first polished episode, show notes and all.

  • A Dedicated Podcast Coach

We’ve got your back. You’ll have 100% access to one of our expert podcast coaches who will guide you through, teach you the tricks of the trade and answer all your burning questions.

  • Podcast Setup & Configuration On Your Website

Technical jargon aside, we take care of all the time consuming setup and configuration of your podcast. Then we create your podcast homepage and a design show notes format that gets you results.

  • Optimization & Submission to iTunes

The listings we create in iTunes, Stitcher and all the other podcast directories will be tweaked and polished for maximum discoverability and exposure to new audiences.

  • An Incredibly Effective Launch Plan

You’ll make a splash with your new show once we’ve implemented our step-by-step launch strategy that not only puts your show into New & Noteworthy, but also gets you ranking in the overall categories.

  • Hosting & Stats to Track Your Success

Our focus is results so you’ll have all the tools so see what’s happening with your show, and we’ll help you make improvements along the way.

One time payment of:



If you’re serious about launching a podcast that gets results, we need to know a little about your vision and make sure you’re a good fit for the program.

Click below to fill out the form and tell us more about your podcast. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to determine if the Launch A Podcast program is right for you.


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*We only have a limited number of launch slots as we work personally with our clients so availability fills up quickly each month. We operate on a first come, first serve basis. If the program is booked out, your project will be added to our waiting list.

If you have any questions or concerns about this service, send me an email at [email protected] I’ll be happy to help!




“You’re viewing marketing as an expense. Good marketers realize that it is an investment.Seth Godin, The Startup School Podcast

Andrew Youderian - eCommerce Fuel

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconCan I Wait And Sign Up Later?

    If you’re confident that podcasting will help you grow your customer base, create deeper relationships with your audience, gain authority in your niche and open you up to new business opportunities, why would you wait? If you’re not confident of these things, you should likely reconsider your online strategy and decide what’s best for your business.

  • q-iconWhy is the program priced at $2497?

    Quite simply, there’s a lot of work that goes into designing, creating and launching a successful podcast. Along with coordinating and building all the show elements, you’re also getting insider strategies from personal experience in the industry and one-on-one coaching for your long-term podcasting success. Given the incredible business growth opportunities you’ll uncover, I think you’re getting an absolute steal.

  • q-iconWhy Not Just Do It Myself?

    You certainly can, and if you have a solid strategy, some telling research, plenty of time to kill, and a little luck you can certainly start your own successful podcast. There are currently over 250,000 English language podcasts in iTunes and and only 16 top level categories dividing up these shows. Needless to say there’s a gigantic pool of options out there and some stiff competition for gaining listeners. Do you want to be a needle in the haystack?

  • q-iconMy site isn’t on WordPress, or I don’t have a website yet?

    If your site isn’t on WordPress, we have a few different options, depending on your situation. Send me an email at ben (at) authorityengine dot com

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