This is a job opportunity that allows you to work from anywhere, gives you incredible advancement opportunities, plugs you into a network of high profile entrepreneurs and develops your skillsets as a core member of our rapidly growing company.

A Little Introduction


I’m Ben Krueger, lifestyle entrepreneur, outdoor enthusiast and founder of Authority Engine.  It wasn’t all that long ago that I was working a dead-end job in an office with four white walls back in the US.  I couldn’t take it, made a leap of faith and flew to South East Asia to strike out on my own and started building Authority Engine.

Since then, I’ve been providing clients with excellent podcast production and creation services, and word is getting out. The service is growing quickly and I’m looking to expand Authority Engine’s capacity as demand continues to rise.  Some of our clients include Dan Andrews’ and Ian Shoens’ Lifestyle Business Podcast and Tropical Talk Radio (which I was recently featured on here), and Jesse Lawler’s Smart Drug Smarts podcast. We’ve got clients knocking down our doors so we’re looking to grow our team quickly.

Our mission at Authority Engine is to help people turn podcasting into their most effective authority positioning, lead generation and engagement tool.

This is where you come in.


We’re Looking for Someone Who Is

  • Self starting and passionate about continuous learning and skill development
  • Excited about a full time position with incredible growth opportunity
  • Reliable and timely with an attention to detail
  • A native English speaker with developed writing skills
  • Good with WordPress, online tasks and general use of editing softwares


You will be Responsible for:


Podcast Editing & Producing – I will train you to use programs like Adobe Audition to turn client’s raw audio files into beautiful podcast episodes.  You will also be expected to write quality show notes to accompany the episode, link out to materials and resources discussed, etc.

Client Interaction – You will be in direct contact with our clients (typically experts or growing authorities in their markets), learn to manage expectations, field questions, send notifications and develop a relationship with our clients.

Project Management – Some of our services require the use of outside contractors and you will be responsible for managing, organizing the work and ensuring its completion.  Also, as the client base grows, you will transition into the role of a project manager with team members completing specific tasks for each client under your management.

Reporting & Client Tracking – Part of your duties will be reporting progress for clients, and tracking simple things like client payments.  Our business is also built on Standard Operating Procedures which dictate procedures for most tasks. You will continue to create, update and optimize these SOPs as new tasks and procedures arise.

Various Tasks – Authority Engine is a continually evolving company with multiple facets. We are flexible in our offerings and as such, there will be some random tasks like content moderation on the Authority Engine website, article writing, occasional calls with clients, etc.

You will work closely with me (Ben) to complete these responsibilities, and develop procedures and skills to best serve our clients while having a little fun in the process.  I will expect you to be self directed in your work, but I will also provide lots of training and coaching to help develop your skills.  You will be in on the ground floor of the company and considered my right hand man/lady.

How it Works


This is a full time position with incredible growth potential, not an internship –  I’m looking for someone to become a core part of the Authority Engine Team, work to grow the agency and be an integral part of our business for a few years.  I’m not interested in hiring people with side businesses or time consuming projects.  You will be plugged into a fast growing company with incredible advancement opportunities both in responsibility and compensation.  You’ll also develop personal relationships with high profile entrepreneurs, be part of a community of creative, intelligent, driven and worldly people, and be an integral component of a high growth business.

You will be come to live in Chiang Mai, Thailand for 3 months – For the first 3 months, you will work directly along side me in Chiang Mai, Thailand for training, systems development and collaboration. On top of a killer expat community, vibrant nightlife and relaxed atmosphere, Chiang Mai is in incredible place to live.  You can lead an incredible lifestyle for a fraction of western cost of living standards.  Learn more about Chiang Mai here.  After the first 3 months, you will be able to work from anywhere you please! How’s that cubicle looking now?

The position starts on July 1st – You must be able to arrive in Chiang Mai, and ready for your first day on July 1st.  Arranging flights and other travel considerations will be your responsibility, though I can certainly help with answering questions, etc.

Your compensation to start – will be enough to cover housing, food and a comfortable, fun lifestyle in Chiang Mai.  You won’t need much money here, but you will have incredible growth potential in both position and compensation.  You will also get plugged into a network of influential experts and entrepreneurs, and have the ability to live and work wherever you want.  The beach? A hammock? It’s up to you!

 ** Sorry, This Position Has Already Been Filled **

Cover letters and resumes are old school.  To apply for this position:

  1. Record a video no longer than 2 minutes that tells me your relevant experience and why you are perfect for the job. (You might want to set the video as “unlisted”)
  2. Complete this Google form here and include the link to your video – Sorry, applications are closed.
  3. I will review the applications, and make a selection for the position by June 17th.

Have any questions? Please submit them in the comments below so other applicants can see my answers.

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They’ll thank you forever.