Eventually, almost everyone that podcasts will experience at least one major issue while recording their audio. It comes with the territory. Here are a few ways to minimize the risk of audio failures and how to handle them if they do occur.


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In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to handle the situation with your guests when you experience audio failure.
  • A few technical things you can do to avoid lost audio.
  • Why you should always be using a back up recording.


[Tweet ” Oh no, you’ve lost the interview recording file. What do we do? >http://bit.ly/1dpqePB”]

[Tweet ” You should always be using a backup in case things go wrong.  http://bit.ly/1dpqePB”]


Oh no, you’ve lost the interview recording file. What do we do? All right, anybody that’s been podcasting for a while particularly if you’re doing a interview style podcast. This happens to everybody. It’s not a huge deal but it’s really frustrating especially if you had a really high caliber guest on your show and you get to the end of the interview and either the show recorded properly and you start to move the file around and you put it in your filing cabinet as it were and then you go back to check for it later and it’s gone. Or the other one that happens pretty, not too infrequently is you’ll be doing your recording and let’s say your computer runs out of battery and powers down or the recording software just doesn’t work properly and it doesn’t record your episode properly. Or it will record your half and not their half of the conversation. That happens sometimes as well.

Here’s what we’re going to do to fix that. The first thing. This is just social etiquette. The first thing is to reach out to that guest that you had on the show and be honest with them. Say, “Hey, here’s what happened. Unfortunately the file was lost. I’m really sorry. This is something that I am going to prevent in the future. Would you be willing to reschedule the interview?” Because often times, if someone’s already done an interview with you and they realized that, well, now it’s not going to even be published, they are going to be more than willing to do it again. They might not be thrilled about it at first however you still need to get some episode content and you can’t just act like nothing ever happened because they’ll realize you never published their episode.

Reach out to them. Say, “Hey, I’m really sorry. This is what happened. Can we reschedule the interview?” If they do, you’re good to go. If they don’t, that happens, sorry. What you’re going to want to do in the future though to make sure that this doesn’t happen again is set up your recording software in a few ways. If you are using Skype and you’re using like a call recorder or Pamela, you can go into the settings and make sure that it auto records every phone call. That is the number one step you’re going to want to use.

Number two, use a back up. On my desktop, I always open up Audacity and so I start recording locally. What I mean by that is I start recording my end of the conversation Audacity as well as I use Skype call recorder. If your guest is a technologically savvy person, you can also request that they record locally on their end as well. Whether they use Audacity or Garage Band or whatever or even Quick Time, you can use Quick Time, the idea is to have some back ups so that you can always have a second or a back up file version that you can go to.

One side benefit of this is if you’re recording locally on your side of the phone call and they’re recording locally on their side of the phone call, both of those recordings will be better quality than any kind of a Skype call recorder or a two-way recording. You can use both of those tracks and put them into your episode instead of just using that one track. Really, the reason why I wanted to bring it to you today is because that will give you a back up in case things go wrong, in case that kind of stuff.

Obviously, things like the computer power went down, make sure that you’ve got some battery before you start an episode. Even if you’re not plugged in, actually I recommend that you’re not plugged in while you’re doing the recordings, I would say relatively close to your plugs so that if you need to, you can quickly plug it in before she dies.

All right, that’s what you’re going to want to do when all heck breaks loose and you lose an audio recording file particularly with a high caliber guest.

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