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Why Podcasting?


Podcasting is arguably the most effective medium for creating deep, personal connections with your audience, expanding your influence and positioning yourself as an authority in your space, reaching an entirely new group of potential customers and networking with the top experts in your field.

What more could you ask for?

Podcasting amplifies your voice in an age of crowded digital marketspace… plus we just like podcasts.

‘Nuff said, moving on.


Authority Engine


We exist to help people breathe new life into their businesses and their personal brand through podcasting.  It’s our business to know everything there is to know about build your authority, expanding your influence and grow your business through your audience’s earbuds.

Our mission (and we happily accept it) is to help people leverage the power of podcasting to accelerate their progress and launch their business into the spotlight.

What if your business had a dedicated group of people that buy all your products and services?

What if they always recommend your business to other people?

What if you attract the attention of news media, and become a mini-celebrity in your market?

What if you knew the top 3 leaders in your industry well enough to call them up and ask how their kid’s soccer game went?

What if your customers contacted YOU with ideas for new products and services they want to pay you for?

Sound too good to be true?

This is all (very) possible with podcasting and is exactly what we’ve done for many of our clients.

Besides building this site as the central base of knowledge, expertise, case studies and effective podcasting strategies, we’ve crafted our services to remove the six month learning curve, eliminate guesswork and turn our client’s podcasts into their most effective marketing tool.

The Authority Engine podcast is geared to bring you actionable strategies and frameworks that have produced massive results for all the top podcasters like John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, James Schramko and many, many more.

Check out the podcast here: The Authority Engine Podcast

I also started Authority Engine TV to answer all your burning questions, and remove the road blocks you and other business owners face when planning, launching, growing and leveraging a podcast.

Check out AE TV here: Authority Engine TV

Our services not only give you the tools, strategies and personal coaching to become a world class podcaster in record time,  but we also perform all the behind the scenes magic to create and continually improve your show.  You focus on creating incredible content and handling all your new customers, we’ll deal with the rest!

How Can We Help You?


David Duffield - Betting 360“Authority Engine offers a valuable service to entrepreneurs just getting started with their podcast. Experienced, knowledgeable and great to deal with so you can save time, engage your audience and generate new business.”

David Duffield, host of the Betting 360 Podcast

Feedback from Jeff Roots

My Story

Authority Engine - Ben KruegerHi, I’m Ben Krueger, the owner and President of Authority Engine.  As an avid entrepreneur, marketer and adventurer, I started Authority Engine as a hub for podcasting information and services that re-define best practices and get your voice heard by exactly the type of people you want to reach out to.

It wasn’t too long ago I was penned up in an office working the dreaded dead-end job.  I resorted to listening to marketing and business podcasts until my ears bled to keep sane. As I listened, I started researching, and learning more about podcasting as a personal interest.

This quickly grew into voracious research trying to uncover what made certain podcasts wild successes, and others a flop.

How were podcasters using their online shows to reach and surpass their business objectives?

The more podcasters I talked to and research I did, I realized the raw power of what podcasting can do for an individual’s or a business’ success.

I dedicated myself to digging deeper, learning everything there is to learn about strategic podcasting for business growth and acceleration.  Since then I’ve built Authority Engine to implementing my findings, test new approaches, work closely with clients to create and launch their podcasts and all the time interviewing top podcasters to hone these skills.

At Authority Engine, we take a strategic marketing approach to podcasting, with a dedicated focus on the END RESULT.

So many podcasters out there simply create content week after week with no conceivable purpose or goal.  They’ll never experience the tsunami effect of a strategically designed podcast that integrates seamlessly with their current marketing, and literally rockets their brand to a world of hungry listeners.

You can always reach me via email at, by phone at (262) 394-6615 or by any of the mediums below!



Ben is fantastic to work with!”

Robyn Logan, co-host of the Coach Street Podcast